About NLForYou

I am Nikoleta Lozanova and my name is associated with style, luxury, beauty and business flair. They say, that I am a person who brings a sense of successful projects worldwide, and who stands behind her views and ideas in the most beautiful and attractive way.

My work as a face of world-renowned brands, my ability to foresee successful trends, and my experience among fashion environments, inevitably raised questions about my own brand. As though, this was the logical progress of my development and the expected steps, with which I will surprise and touch people in my familliar way.

My typical mysticism provoked my followers, journalists and fashion experts to try to predict what jewel will come out of my heart. Given my beauty and my ability to shine, some were betting on cosmetics. Others expected me to devote myself to clothing, because usually I dictate the fashion trends. However, this time, I bet on my best weapon - the skill to surprise.

What I have prepared for all my fans, is a luxurious collection of swimsuits, with which the ladies will have the opportunity to both seduce and feel comfortable. The collection is a debut for the Bulgarian market and consists of 30 incredible models.

This project has not been long thought out, it is just a natural flow of my way to express and fascinate. The team of professionals behind my collection of swimsuits, believe in the opportunity to create together beauty and temptation. I am convinced of our success, as well as the impeccable vision of the ladies on the beaches everywhere in the world. I am happy to be part of the pleasure of wearing NL4YOU. What is the feeling of being undressed by people’s eyes? It's time to understand!